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deconstructed | pure and adulterated aural landscapes | intrinsically linked | evade literal interpretation


I am a Melbourne-based sound artist/designer and a noise enthusiast, working with sound and noise by exploring the concept of deconstruction in the context of making and creating as informed by spatial (and auditory) restrictions and boundaries.  I seek out out raw and stripped back auditory experiences that challenge my usual discipline. 


All environments are particular – in their appearance, in their smell and in the way that the shape/size and material makeup of their boundaries produce a certain quality of sound. I look for various environments, embed myself in them, and record the sound/s. From these sound ‘reproductions’ I then choose parts to deconstruct and manipulate, and through the vehicle of abstraction, the invitation is there to experience them in an intensely personal way.


I work solo and in collaboration with artists in sound installation, audio-visual performance, mixed-media, and durational performance. I have exhibited nationally and internationally, and have worked on Web GL projects in London and Amsterdam. I work as a sound consultant, sound designer, and sound technician on national and international projects – both URL and IRL. In my new exploration of live performance, my moniker is MxMV. I will be presenting a series of live works in 2018, tentatively entitled [Anti] Demi/Opus. 


Since 2013, I have worked at 3CR Community Radio (3cr.org.au) as a content producer, programmer, mentor, and sound technician for current affairs and queer/feminist programs. My focus is to provide a platform to voices not heard or seen in typical media and to present content that is inclusive and provides diversity, with a foundation on strong narratives and factual commentary.



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